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Birthdate:Jan 1
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
[ Insert geek reference here. ]

i've just had a de ja vu/sense memory/matrix style glitch of 15 years past on lj, on here, on deathjournal and coding the bytes out of the skins. neurotically sorting 100x100s and weeping over strikethrough, over delicio, and rolling my eyes when yahoo bought tumblr and waiting for this very day. so then, here we are.

in short. geek, been around here forever. have an attic full of trek zines and opened my first ffn account in '98 (!). longtime lurker, sometime participator. space: above & beyond. kindred. dueSouth. oz. highlander. seems like another life right now. trek from birth. mini blip fandoms in between. sga. smallville. merlin. stxi. teen wolf. batverse. you name it, i've probably stuck a toe in the pool at some point. so, new day, new account and it has nothing to do with me not being able to remember the account i created over 10 years ago...

right now i'm in that searching limbo of needing a new show and waiting to see what steals our fen brain next. rereading oldie but goodies. waiting, waiting. would love to see the expanse series develop a fandom... wink wink, nudge nudge.
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